09 April 2011

Starting over

It's been so long. We've been busy here at the home of the Homebody. Bought a fixer upper. Procreated (welcome T-baby, October of 2010). Schooled and unschooled and moved and renovated and prepared to be Home Alone while MilDad is deployed. So much, so fast. It left my words whirling in my head in circles that defied expression. Nothing would come out in coherent form.

But lately, the world has shifted. Not just magnetic north, wandering with the powerful and often tragic shifts in the Earth's crust. But our politics, our communication, our idea of what it means to be a country in the world. And I found that instead of whirling, I was processing. I still am. There are a great many things I want to write about. And I feel the words wanting to come out, instead of whirling away from my fingertips.

How long will it last? I don't know. But I hope to let the words out to play, once again.