04 November 2006

Get Off Your Butt

As you read this, millions of Americans are without healthcare even at its most basic. This number grows every day.

Our schools, instead of being great equalizers of opportunity, provide a huge boost to some while offering little more than crappy babysitting to others.

We are debating, vicously and mostly through the courts, the question of abortion.

Our national debt represents a huge burden to be passed on to our children. We have no plan on how to pay for Social Security in the future.

Our economy is dependent on oil, much of it obtained from unstable, unfriendly, or undemocratic countries.

Not so long ago, in a country half way across the world, over three fourths of the eligible population braved bullets and bombs in order to cast a ballot. One of the great questions of our current time is how involved we, the US of A, should be in the shaping of that country. Whatever you think if the war that got us involved, or any of these other things, you need to make your opinion known. Without the participation of the people, the great experiment that is Democracy is doomed.


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