13 July 2007

The Longest Day...

...so far, ever, is the 24 hours the Poison Control Center said to 'just monitor him closely.'

We had recently arrived at our hotel room after a longish drive to a beach vacation. I had half a headache, and opening the door to the overpowering smell of cleaning solutions and air freshener tipped me directly into migraine country. After starting the process of airing out the room a bit, scouting out the usual hazards (electrical cords, outlets, trash bags) and getting settled, H-3 asked if she could have one of the candies left on the night stand. We said okay, and she opened it and popped it in her mouth. Somehow, even though she was just sitting there while she ate it, she managed to swallow it whole. She was fine, scared and her throat hurt, but fine.

She and Daddy headed for the front desk for a restaurant recommendation, I lay on the bed and put E-baby on the floor where I could see him with stuff to play with. My head was pounding so bad that standing upright just was not possible at that point. He crawled along the base of the bed and out of my sight, and I expected him to emerge on the other side. He paused for a minute, then started crying and making weird noises. I rolled over to the edge and noticed something on his shirt, I thought it was a button.

It was a tablet. Wet and slightly dissolved, he had obviously stuck it in his mouth then spit it out when the nasty taste hit. So instead of dinner recommendations we got directions to the nearest ER. We did not end up actually going, we called Poison Control on the way and they recommended monitoring him.

He's fine, I have laid off myself a little with the Mommy guilt, and we ended up having a pretty decent little trip. And a new number on our speed dial.

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