21 October 2007

Running Commentary

H-3 loves to go to Trader Joe's. Balloons, stickers, friendly staff in cool shirts, food samples, and now they even have kid sized carts.

Yes, it takes longer, but both she and E-1 are greatly amused by H-3 having her own little cart. And the whole fact that she is a bit independent leads to some wonderful conversations. But it also leads to distraction, and I need to redirect and keep her on track.

We are pretty irreverent with our kids. (I know you are shocked by this.) So as I was following her down the frozen food aisle I informed her, 'H, you need to walk a little faster to the end of the aisle. And when you get there, pull up your pants. You are not a 15 year old boy.'

Laughter. Loud, hysterical laughter. I turn to the left and, right next to me, is a 15 year old boy. With his pants around his hips. He was not laughing, though to his credit he did smile at the situation. Now his Mom, SHE was nearly hyperventilating.

Yup, H-3 sampled the chicken tortilla, while I pried the Birkenstock sandwich out of my mouth.

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Tuan's Princess said...

Oh, my goodness! I found your blog from a link you left of the Gluten-Free Girl blog. (remember the brownies? lol) I seriously could have written nearly all of your posts! I have a dd who is 20 mos older than her younger brother who was born on Oct 25, 2006. Crazy! Thanks for your fun posts.