16 June 2008

Pop Quiz

Okay boys and girls, it's time for a little science quiz from everyone's favorite rock and dirt specialist. Put on your thinking cap and sharpen you pencils.

1. Old Faithful is a:
a. Geyser
b. Volcano
c. Strong Cocktail
d. B Movie

2. When Old Faithful erupts, you may get:
a. Blown to bits, along with the rest of Seattle
b. Wet
c. Pregnant
d. Fired

3. A rainbow results from:
a. Precipitation washing dust from the air
b. Lightning electrifying particles in the atmosphere
c. Sunlight passing through water droplets in the atmosphere
d. Leprechauns planting pots of gold

4. Roy G. Biv is
a. A Fun Guy
b. Your ex-Boyfriend
c. A Mnemonic Device
d. A Pneumonic Device

5. A Vulcanologist Studies
a. Tires
b. Trekkies
c. Volcanoes
d. Pretty Co-eds

Extra Credit: Pronounce the word Butte correctly.

Okay, so how did you do? And why do I ask? You KNOW there is a back story to this one.

Well, when we went out to dinner the other night, a family was sitting next to us. A college senior had his parents and a young lady friend giggling in horror at his classmates. Apparently, he needed a communications class to graduate, and the only one available was on communicating science to non-scientists. Much of the class had difficulty with the concepts they were trying to communicate, and two women were truly clueless. They spent a good portion of one class arguing with the instructor about Old Faithful. Both swore repeatedly that 'If it erupts again, it is going to take half of Seattle with it!!'

Oh, and the class this young man took to fill out his requirements was offered by his University's College of Education. His classmates were education majors, studying to be middle school science teachers.

Homeschool. I am going to Homeschool...

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Liene said...

Wow!!! Yeah, says a lot about our education system. Reading your post made me think about watching Jay Leno's Jay Walking last night. He was asking people to name the national anthem and or sing it. I think there was one guy who was able to name it but not a single person was able to sing the lyrics.