07 December 2009

Waxing Philosophical

Recently, on one of my favorite internet groups, a member asked about food philosophies. Below, I share my reply.

My number one, iron clad, absolute belief about food is that there is NOT a number one, iron clad, absolute truth about food. :)

Seriously, we are all different sizes and shapes, do different things, and come from different backgrounds. Culture, philosophy, and faith have a role in what we consume. What works for one person can make another terribly ill. There is no one food (animal products, tofu, wheat, cow dairy, baby vegetables braised in morning dew ambrosia by forest fairies, etc) that is essential for humans to consume. Even breast milk, which *is* essential for most babies to consume, is something a very small fraction of babies with very rare conditions cannot have.

This is my truth:

Mostly fruits and veggies and some good quality animal protein are the basis of a healthy diet. Grains are something that need to be a small portion of a healthy diet. Wheat gluten is poison. The brown food group (coffee, tea, and chocolate) are part of what makes food worth eating and will not be banned without cause. All things in moderation, especially alcohol. Messing up is part of life, learn from your mistakes. Giving in to temptation once in a blue moon is part of life, forgive yourself. Dairy is not essential to life, is not great for any of us, and is poison to the small boy. No matter how much I like cheese. Potato chips should not cross the threshold, and this does NOT mean the whole bag should be consumed in the car. Breastfeeding should continue until the child and/or the Mama is totally done with it. Avoid, as much as possible, eating anything with manufactured chemicals on or in it.

Find your own truth. Enjoy the journey. Don't allow Perfect to prevent and destroy Good. Celebrate the victories. Cook with your friends and your kids. Make a mess in the kitchen.

And now, if you will excuse me, there are some brownies and a Riesling-pear sorbet calling my name...

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